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We have an ever expanding repertoire of music. This list has not been updated since Winter 2003, and we have added dozens of new songs. Please check back soon as we add our full repertoire.

(* New, Winter 2003 - obviously this is a little out of date!)

A la nanita nana - (Murmuring a Lullaby) A Spanish Folk Song arranged by David Eddleman. A lovely melody sung to an infant asleep in its cradle. (*)
Antiphonal Noel - English Text by Patrick M. Liebergen. German Text and Music by Samuel Scheidt. Edited and Arranged by Patrick M. Liebergen. In this piece you can hear the joyful singing and rejoicing of the birth of Emmanuel. (*)
Bidi Bom - by David Eddleman. This is a song to Miriam proclaiming the holiday is here, its a happy time of year. (*)
Gloria - by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from Messe-Credo, K.257. Edited and arranged by Patrick M. Liebergen. English text by Patrick M. Liebergen. Choral Tradition & Innovation from Carl Fischer. This movement was composed in Salzburg in November 1776 for use in the main worship service of the Catholic Church. (*)
Grown-Up Christmas List - Words and Music by David Foster and Linda Thompson-Jenner. Arranged by Mac Huff. The wishes contained in this piece are for a world in need. No more wars, no more lives torn apart and for friendship and love (*)
Hear ye! Hear Ye! - Words and music by Kirby Shaw. Sound the trumpet, sound the cymbal, merry voices all agree to make mirth and melody. (*)
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Arranged by Mac Huff. Translations by John M. Neale from the traditional Latin Text and Henry S. Coffin from the 15th century French Melody. This song rejoices in the coming of Emmanuel. (*)
The Coventry Carol - Arranged by John Leavitt. Words by Robert Croo from the traditional English Melody. This carol sings a lullaby to a tiny child. (*)
The Peace of the Lord - By N. Grant Pfeifer. This song was written by Grant Pfeifer in remembrance of his father John H. Pfeifer and in honour of his mother Verna Marguereda Pfeifer and for Howard Thompson, Nancy Henson and The Chancel Choir of Austin Avenue United Methodist Church, Waco, Texas. (*)
Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Silent Night/What Child is This?) - Arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram. Silent Night words by Joseph Mohr, music by Franz Gruber. What Child is This words by William C. Dix, music Traditional. (*)
Snow - Words by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882). Adapted by and music by Audrey Snyder. When hearing this song you can actually imagine the snow falling and covering the brown and bare woodlands. (*)
Welcome! Welcome! 'Tis the Season! - Words and music by Mary Donnelly and George L.O. Strid. Arranged by George L.O. Strid. This wonderful Christmas piece welcomes the season with glad tidings and a joyous Noel.(*)
An Afro-Celtic Diddle - Words and music by Michael Coolen. This piece utilizes Irish traditional rhythms with African counter rhythms. The words come from the Senegambian and Zimbabwe regions. These words are from traditional storytellers reciting their oral history stories.
Blessed Peace - Vocal parts and arrangement by Jack Noble White, adapted from J.S. Bach's Air from Suite #2 in D, it sets a calm and reassuring choral text to the ever-popular Bach air.
Breathing with Beethoven - Adapted and arranged by Phyllis Aleta Wolfe. This tongue and cheek spoof about choirs included seven melodies of Ludwig van Beethoven.
I'm Beginning To See The Light - Words and music by Don George, Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington and Harry James. Arranged by Kirby Shaw.
The Last Farewell - Words by R.A. Webster and recorded by Roger Whittaker. This piece tells the tale of a man boarding a ship and singing a tearful farewell to his lady love.
The Music of Love - Adapted and arranged by Paul Giasson. This wonderful piece asks the question, Do you hear the music of love?
Ragtime - Arranged by Jeff Funk. A medley including Ragtime, New Music, Till we reach that day, Wheels of a dream, Our children, Make them hear you and Success.
So Little Time to Give - by Raymond R. Hannisian. This piece asks why is there so little time to give, and so little time to understand and know each other?
Witness - Arranged by Jack Halloran. This is a traditional spiritual with mention of Moses, Samson, Nicodemus, and other biblical references.
Weep, O Mine Eyes - by John Bennet and arranged by Russell Robinson. This is a classic madrigal from the Renaissance period.
Yesterday - Certainly a Beatles favourite, this is an adaptation for four voices, SATB.
The Last Rose Of Summer - The title beautifully explains this Traditional Irish Folksong arranged by Greg Gilpin.
Ma Navu - The title means How Beautiful in Hebrew. This spirited Israeli Folksong is from the book of Isaiah and tells of the messenger of good tidings, salvation and peace.
Operator - Everyone may remember that Operator was recorded and made popular by "The Manhattan Transfer". Arranged by Kirby Shaw.
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - This very popular children's Christmas song was arranged by Randall Johnson. Music by Fred Coots and words by Haven Gillespie.
Sleep In Heavenly Peace - Another Christmas favourite, which also includes the all time classic, Silent Night followed by What Child Is This. Arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram.
Good Cheer - This joyful piece is based upon a two-part medieval song written in the late 13th or early 14th century at the Priory of Llanthony in Gloucestershire, England. Lyrics and arrangement by Audry Snyder.
South African Praises
In Winter - The beautiful wordsof this piece were written by Emily Dickinson, the music by Ruth Elaine Schram.
Jesu, Joy Of man's Desiring - This Chorale from the Church Cantata No. 147 was written by Johann Sebastian Bach and arranged by Carl Deis.
A Joyful Mozart Canon - This piece is based on the opening theme of the Laudate pueri from Mozart's Vesperac de Dominica (1779). New music, words and arrangement by Jean Anne Shafferman.
An A Cappella Christmas - Arranged by Kirby Shaw this is a collection of Christmas favourites consisting of The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, Silver Bells and two favourites of children everywhere, Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty The Snowman.
Angelus - Claudio Monteverdi composed this joyous piece in celebration of the Christmas season. Arranged by Audry Snyder.
African Noel - Victor Johnson arranged this three-part mixed edition of a Traditional African Carol.
I'm Beginning To See The Light - This piece is part of the Vocal Jazz Series. Words and music by Don George, Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington and Harry James. Arranged by Kirby Shaw.
We wish You a Merry Christmas - An English traditional carol arranged by John Rutter.
The Christmas Waltz - Lyrics by Sammy Cahn, Music by Jule Styne and arranged by Pete Schmutte.
A Consort of Choral Christmas Carols - These pieces were composed by the son of Johann Sebastian Bach, P.D.Q. Bach.
Christmas Classic Celebration - This is a blend of favourite classic carols by the great masterwork composers. Arrangement by Patrick M. Liebergen.
Breathing With Beethoven - This three-part mixed chorus piece is part of the Seven Melodies of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) and has been adapted and arranged by Phyllis Aleta Wolfe.
The Birth Of The Blues - This piece is a favourite blues number. Music by Ray Henderson and arranged by Carl Strommen.
Celebrate This Day Together - Composed by French composer Pierre Clereau in the late 16th century, it was first published about 1539. The original French words were a toast by someone holding a beautiful cup, to the King of France.
A Celtic Christmas - Arranged by Audrey Snyder, this is a beautiful song, sung by a mother to her child followed by the very upbeat Wexford Carol.
Cloudsong - Composed by Bill Whelan for the very popular musical stage performance of Riverdance.
In These Delightful Pleasant Groves - Arrangement by Russell Robinson. This madrigal was written in 1692 by Henry Purcell. although written in what is know as the Baroque era, this madrigal has many characteristics of the Renaissance madrigals, with its contrasts between dance-like sections and flowing lyrical sections.
Art Thou Troubled? - This piece is from Rodelinda. Written by George Frideric Handel and arranged by Sherri Porterfield. HOME - Words and music by Jay Althouse. The title speaks for itself.
I Need To Know - This popular Spanish song is receiving a lot of air time, sung by Marc Anthony. Words and music by Cory Rooney and Marc Anthony. Spanish lyrics by A. Chirino and R. Blades.
Roses I Send To You (From "Songs of a Prospector"). This piece is a tender song of love and devotion expressed in turn by a woman, her lover, and together as a couple. Music by Stephen Chatman.
Weep, o Mine Eyes - This is a classic madrigal from the Renaissance period. Written by John Bennet and arranged by Russell Robinson.
The New World - a three part mixed arrangement with accompanist. Arranged by Michael Scott from Antonin Dvorak.
Lullaby - One of two songs written and performed by local artists. The music and arrangements for this song were written by Christine Boadway and dedicated to the Choirmaster Wanda Stride and her husband John, in celeberation of the birth of their daughter, Catherine.
Wade in the Water - arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram, this spiritual song has some beautiful harmonies.
Say Love - written by John Dowland (1563 - 1626) and edited by John Leavitt, this is a medieval arrangement sung a cappella.
3 Blind mice - yes, this is that old song! In addition to being the original audition piece for members joining the Bach to Blues company, it was chosen by Choirmaster Ann Gage to show how the company could respond to the conductor. During the performance of this piece she varied the volume and tempo randomly, and the company had to respond to her direction.
Swing! Swing! Swing! - This arrangement by Kirby Shaw is a skillful blending of four well known tunes: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (words and music by Don Raye and Hughie Prince); Tuxedo Junction (words by Buddy Feyne, music by Erskine Hawkins, William Johnson and Julian Dash); The Joint is Jumpin' (Words by Andy Razaf and J.C. Johnson, Music by Thomas "Fats" Waller); Sentimental Journey (Words and Music by Bud Green, Les Brown and Ben Homer).
The Swan (Le Cygne) - By Camille Saint-Saense, lyrics by Kathleen Black, arranged by Audrey Snyder. This beautiful and quiet arrangement builds the vision of a swan rippling across a quiet lake in the moonlight.
Thats when the music takes me - Words and music by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield, Mac Huff, the tempo for this arrangement is described as "Energetic Rock and Roll".
He wishes for the cloths of heaven - with words taken from the poem of that name by W.B. Yeats, choirmaster Wanda Stride wrote the music and arranged this song.
Sakura - this Japanese folk song sung in three part harmony, was translated and arranged by Michael Scott. One of Japan's most beautiful and poetic folk songs, it is considered a treasures part of Japanese Culture, and sung often by people of all ages. Literally translated, the word "Sakura" means cherry blossom. The lyrics of the song are describe the blooming of the cherry blossoms in spring, and the melody is based on a traditional pentatonic (five note) minor scale commonly used in many Japanese songs.
Ashokan Farewell - from the soundtrack of the PBS Series "The Civil War", a film by Ken Burns, the words were written by Grian McGregor, music by Jay Ungar, arranged by Carole Stephens. The poignant words remind us of the sadness of parting in war time, and have brought tears to the eyes of Bach to Blues company members in rehearsal.